In English

Hello, my name is Lenka and I am a translator and teacher of English. I have graduated from the Philosophical Faculty of the Charles University in Prague, obtaining my M.A. in English and American Studies and Czech language and literature. I took two study trips during my studies - to Canterbury (UK) and Boston (USA).

As a translator, I specialise in translating texts in the field of arts and humanities (psychology, education, religion, theatre, music, etc.) The price for a standard page (1800 characters) translated from EN to CZ is 360 CZK, from CZ to EN 400 CZK (plus extra fee for a native-speaker check if necessary). I have also translated several plays and novels - see the section Překlady in the main menu.


I teach English to students of all ages - currently my students are aged 4 to 65. I have a little classroom in the house where I live. I teach individual lessons and small groups. I am also qualified to teach Czech as a foreign language.